Saturday, 22 December 2007

Craft Club Fat Pages

Here are the Fat Pages, what a great job ladies.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Craft Club tries something new!

Monday night was Craft Club night and we had a little Christmas party with a few nibbles and drinks. I challenged them all to do a Fat Page! I provided each person with an identical pack and Lindsey (who organises our club) provided a prize for the best one - the only catch with this was that I had to judge it and they were all really good and it was so hard to choose a winner. I will post up some pictures of all the pages at the weekend and a big THANK YOU to all the ladies for having a go. They have even requested another Fat Page challenge for Easter so they must have liked it!

Anyway, keep an eye out for you pages ladies.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Digital Scrapbooking

To cheer myself up a bit I have been going through old photo's and putting them onto the computer and because I have been downloading a lot of Christmas stuff from DAISIE Company I decided to have a go at some digital scrapbooking and this is one of my pages. I did all the Christmas's since my son was born and really enjoyed doing it too. To satisfy the 'paper fiddler' in me I did add some bits and pieces to the pages before I put them in the album but I have to say that I did find it really satisfying doing it on the computer.

If you are thinking of having a go then I would recommend it. Go and have a look at DAISIE Company (link on the right) for inspiration.

Where is everybody?

Well I did the craft fair and wish I hadn't! It was not as well attended as previous years (so I was told) and one person (who worked at the school) said she thought it was on the Sunday not the Saturday so it makes you wonder how many others thought the same. Still you live and learn I suppose. I made enough to cover the cost of the pitch and the petrol there and back so that was something!
I had hoped it would be good as I could do with something positive to happen at the moment for me. At least there is Christmas to look forward to and on the bright side - I don't need to make any more cards - lol.
I have put a few pics of my stall below so you can see all my goodies.