Friday, 29 February 2008

A Couple of Cards

At last I have finished my cards for the Easter Chicks swap on the CC Forum. I used a Stampabilities 'Housemouse' design called Eggcellent which I stamped onto cream card with a very dark brown stazon ink pad. I coloured them with Whispers pens and my trusty water brush! I had to make five in total and I coloured each one in different colours - it hasn't come out too well on the photo though!
The second card is one I made for the Matchbox Swap also on the CC Forum. This is where you are paired up with someone and you each fill a small matchbox with as much stuff as you can fit into it and then send it to the other person who makes you a thank you card using as much or as little of the contents as they like! Mine was stuffed with so much that I was able to make a little ATC as well!

Digital ATC's

I was playing around on the computer this morning and it suddenly occurred to me that if you can do you scrapbook pages digitally then why not your ATC's? I used the same image which I got from , which is a great place to find vintage images. I saved the image to my computer and opened it in my DTP program (I use Serif) and then recoloured each image into varying shades of blue. I then added the words and overlaid a little butterfly as if it was just leaving the palm of her hand. After printing and cutting I then used a quickie glue pen to highlight some of the jewellery she is wearing and sprinkled it with peewee glitter, again using different shades of blue and I also added a tiny embellishment into the right hand corner of each one. I quite like the results of this although nothing beats glueing and sticking it all yourself!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

I've been busy again .......

....and here are the rest of them!

I've been busy......

....making cards

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Beautiful morning

It was such a beautiful morning yesterday that I took some photo's of the frost clinging to every branch and blade of grass, with the sun rising up it looked wonderful, really magical.

Friday, 15 February 2008

More fun with Friendly Plastic

Here are some more things I have made using FP. As you can see, I bought a couple of moulds from The Stamp Bug to use with it and I am very pleased with the effect. Have my eye on a couple more moulds but will have to wait for a while - LOL

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentines Card

I thought I would use the new GG's Open Hearts & Tall Stories board to make DH's valentines card this year as it really lends itself to that - wonder if thats why they launched it when they did LOL, not that I'm cynical or anything LOL. Anyway, made his card and also a box for it to go in and I used my new Cuttlebug and alphabet dies to cut his name and also for the 'stamp' in the corner. The flowers were done using a couple of little punches and I decorated the centres with blobs of glitter glue. I also used a Cuttlebug die for the centre of the heart on the right and finished it off with some organza ribbon. He was suitable impressed and assured me that my card was 'in the post' LOL

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Friendly Plastic

I've been playing with Friendly Plastic today for a Fun Week on the Time for Crafting forum. It's strange stuff to work with but great to try something different. The only problem is deciding what to do with the finished pieces!

This first piece is a brooch. I have fixed a brooch pin onto the back of it and was wondering what I was going to do with it (not being a brooch person myself LOL) and my my good friend Nicki came up with a great suggestion - Mothers Day gift! What a star she is. So, hopefully my mum won't check out my blog before she gets it!

These are some of the other 'things' I had a go at. A sort of book mark type thingy and some blobs which I pushed into an art mould to make, well, round blobs really - LOL.

Anyway, it's great fun melting stuff and poking it! Give it a try!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Nothing much to report

Not much going on at the moment - can't seem to get myself into card making mode - inspiration has deserted me for the time being - I want to make something but have no creativity in me for it although saying that I have just finished a swing card for a special challenge on the TFC forum which was quite fun! Oh, and I have just bought myself a Cuttlebug which I am highly delighted with, I did consider a Wizard but went for the Cuttlebug because more crafters recommended it than any other. I have to say I do love it and although I have embossed loads of pieces of card and die cut loads of shapes they are just sitting in a pile, not got round to doing anything with them all yet. No, thats not quite true, I did make a card for my Grandad (piccy below) which I was pleased with, more to the point, he liked it! Still suffering from a stinking cold at the moment and feel really rough but it will pass in a couple of days (hopefully) and then perhaps my inspiration will come back to me.